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  • NCAA Men's Ice Hockey
    March 30, 1985

    NCAA Men's Ice Hockey

    1985: RPI Hockey Triumphs. March 30 marked a monumental day in Rensselaer’s athletic history when our men’s hockey team clinched their second national championship at the Frozen Four in Detroit. Guided by Coach Mike Addesa, the team showcased an astounding 35-2-1 record that season. With standout stars like Adam Oates, George Servinis, Ken Hammond, and Tim Friday leading the charge, they defeated Providence 2-1, etching RPI’s name in championship lore once again. Two centuries of innovation, one iconic win.

  • Nancy DeLoye Fitzroy

    Nancy DeLoye Fitzroy

    In 1986, Nancy DeLoye Fitzroy, a remarkable RPI graduate from the Class of 1949, earned a distinction that sent ripples through the world of mechanical engineering. Fitzroy ascended to lead the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), marking the first time a woman had ever held this prestigious position. This wasn’t just another milestone; it was a seismic shift. Fitzroy’s tenure at ASME validated the complex problem-solving skills and rigorous training imparted at RPI. Her work in heat transfer and fluid flow set industry standards. This singular achievement directly connected back to RPI’s 200-year legacy, offering irrefutable proof that an RPI education isn’t just about classroom theory but about equipping minds to challenge norms and redefine boundaries. With Fitzroy’s ascent, RPI didn’t just make history; it shaped the future of engineering.

  • Lois J. and Harlan E. Anderson Center for Innovation

    Lois J. and Harlan E. Anderson Center for Innovation

    1990: RPI’s Innovation Milestone. The Lois J. and Harlan E. Anderson Center for Innovation in Undergraduate Education opened its doors, signifying Rensselaer’s unyielding commitment to reshaping undergraduate studies, especially in science and engineering. Positioned as a national beacon for educational innovation, the center was led by the visionary Jack Wilson, previously of the American Association for Physics Teachers. As RPI celebrates two centuries of groundbreaking moments, the CIUE stands testament to our dedication to redefining learning.

  • Scientific Computation Research Center opens (SCOREC)

    Scientific Computation Research Center opens (SCOREC)

    1990: RPI’s Interdisciplinary Leap. The Scientific Computation Research Center (SCOREC) emerged as a pioneering initiative, marking the first collaborative venture between Rensselaer’s Schools of Engineering and Science. With an ambition to bridge disciplines, SCOREC aimed to develop innovative computing strategies, bolstering research endeavors across both science and engineering realms. Celebrating two centuries of boundary-pushing breakthroughs, SCOREC epitomizes RPI’s commitment to unified, interdisciplinary advancements.


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