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  • Gilbert Taylor

    Gilbert Taylor

    In 1844, a milestone was etched in the long-standing chronicles of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, as Gilbert Taylor, a distinguished member of the Class of 1844, walked the commencement stage, marking the Institute’s first-ever graduate from Panama. This significant moment, a testament to Rensselaer’s expanding global footprint, illustrated an early embrace of international inclusivity, enriching the campus with diverse perspectives. As we reminisce on 200 years of institutional history, Taylor’s trailblazing journey embodies Rensselaer’s enduring legacy as a hub for global scholars, heralding a tradition of worldwide academic engagement and multicultural camaraderie that continues to flourish to this day.

  • B. Franklin Greene

    B. Franklin Greene

    Rensselaer Institute: The Transformational Blueprint of 1850

    In 1847, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) stood at a crossroads, and it was Benjamin Franklin Greene who pointed the way forward. Greene envisioned RPI as a cutting-edge, three-year polytechnic institute—a proposal that took time to win approval but eventually became reality. In 1855, his European research led to a booklet that set new standards for tech education in America. This blueprint was a game-changer: it positioned RPI as a leader in STEM and influenced institutions nationwide. Today, Greene’s 1850 vision is celebrated as a landmark ‘first’ in RPI’s distinguished history, laying the groundwork for future generations of scholars and innovators. His legacy endures, solidifying RPI’s status as a top-tier tech institute.

  • Jose T. Ferrao

    Jose T. Ferrao

    In 1850, a milestone was etched into the annals of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute with Jose T. Ferrao’s graduation, marking him as the first Rensselaer alumnus from the vibrant lands of Brazil. This seminal moment showcased Rensselaer’s growing international allure and its amiable embrace of diverse intellects. Ferrao’s stride across the graduation stage not only symbolized his personal academic triumph but also exemplified Rensselaer’s burgeoning global footprint, heralding a tradition of international camaraderie that continues to enrich the Institute’s esteemed legacy.


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